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AMS Academic Solutions has captivated our son’s interest and built his confidence in math. He has shown considerable improvement and mastery of math concepts. As a result, his grades have improved. The online tutoring option is so easy and convenient. We will continue to use AMS Academic Solutions and would highly recommend her to any student struggling in math. Shanon and Sophia T.

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AMS Academic Solutions 8105 Rasor Blvd, Suite 131, Plano, TX 75024


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AMS Academic Solutions provides tutoring in all levels of mathematics from Elementary School through Continuing Education.

In addition to the math tutoring, AMS Academic Solutions is working to increase the student’s confidence in the subject matter. When a student’s confidence has been enhanced, the student will be excited to complete the program. In order to boost confidence, each session will include practice activities to reinforce what has been learned from previous sessions. In Group Sessions, peer tutoring will be encouraged. This helps to increase the confidence of the individual student.
Do you want the students in your afterschool program to obtain a better understanding of math concepts? Do you want to avoid the summer slump where students forget everything they have learned the prior year? Let Alexis Math Services assist you with prepared math activities.  These are activities that are not only fun but the students do not realize they are learning.
Let AMS Academic Solutions help with  the math section of your standardized test.  An initial assessment is made so as to focus on what math materials need to be covered.  Several sessions are then taken to gain an understanding of the material.  To enforce the understanding, practice tests are taken and then reviewed to assess preparedness.  Then students are encouraged to take the exam.
Private Tutoring Sessions are available as well as small group study sessions.  These study sessions are limited to groups of 5 or less so as to be able to provide accurate instruction.  Clients are encouraged to be prepared with questions and items to discuss.  Clients are also encouraged  to ask questions outside of the tutoring sessions.  These questions will be answered via email, online, or phone.  If the questions are simple enough, there is no additional fee.  However, if the questions require much thought and instruction, an additional tutoring session will be recommended and it will be charged appropriately.