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AMS Academic Solutions–Online Tutoring To All

By Jennifer Nairne

Math can be a struggle for many students. Even with the individualized support and customizable curriculum parents can use in homeschooling, students might continue to struggle with specific areas or types of math. Sometimes excellent content and parents’ best intentions are not enough. Tutoring services are a great alternative, but can cost a fortune. Services offered by college students are less expensive, but are accompanied by less-than-stellar expectations since they are provided by inexperienced young adults.

Alexis M. Scott has been teaching and tutoring students in mathematics for more than 20 years, and as a college professor of Mathematics for over 18 years. Recognizing a real need in her community, she developed AMS Academic Solutions, a tutoring service to provide quality mathematics learning support in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Alexis helps students identify the underlying root of the problem content. She goes beyond “teaching to the test” and enables students to pass any exam for their age level. The goal for Alexis is to offer children and young adults the tools and skills they need to be successful math students, not to simply pass one specific test.

After several years of development, AMS Academic Solutions is now available to anyone. Students meet one-on-one with Alexis online and use an interactive online whiteboard to cover content and curricular instruction. Sessions are available for nearly every age and skill level, from elementary school through Probability and Statistics in college.

Of particular help to older students, she can assist homeschoolers preparing for their first ventures into the world of standardized testing. After completing an initial assessment, Alexis identifies areas that need improvement and covers the material over several tutoring sessions. She reviews material, offers additional resources, and incorporates practice tests to reinforce the knowledge learned and test-taking format.

For the summer, AMS Academic Solutions can offer students math activities that are fun, while preparing your student for the upcoming year of mathematics curricula. Homeschool parents can initiate a summer math club for their neighborhood or student group too. Alexis offers group study sessions for up to 5 students. Those participating with a group can supplement their session time by asking Alexis questions via email, online, or on the phone. And Alexis works to ensure success for the entire group, encouraging peer tutoring and offering additional practice activities for specific needs of individual students.

Using AMS Academic Solutions, students gain a confidence in their mathematical abilities like never before. For those parents struggling with teaching specific content or constantly battling their resistant child, this confidence is a godsend. Alexis is often able to offer a diagnosis that remedies the root of the problem, rather than treating the symptoms. Through years of experience as a professor and tutor, Alexis has a deep appreciation for the teaching of mathematics in addition to her infectious love of numbers. And parents should keep an eye on her website, as AMS Academic Solutions will soon be offering consulting to educators.

Her dedication and commitment have made her services in high demand. After several requests for help from students struggling in other subjects, Alexis is expecting to offer tutoring services for additional subjects in the upcoming months.

Parents interested in AMS Academic Solutions can begin with a 10 minute free trial to test the set up and functionality of the platform used online.

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